My Grown Up Confession

My Grown Up Confession

(Photo by Liana Mikah on Unsplash) What was I supposed to do when you stood there all sparkly-eyed, admiring someone else who wasn’t me? How was I supposed to tell you that it was you all this time? I knew the answer, I knew it all along. I never wanted any of this. Lord knows [...]

Tears At 38,000 Feet

I love the song "Il Mondo" by Jimmy Fontana. I saved all other renditions on my playlist. Particularly, I loved Il Volo's take on it the most. It was my go-to song whenever I needed a good cry, a much-needed purge. It takes me back a painful memory, but it's all good -- it still [...]

A Lullaby’s Prayer

Rest well, goodnight;I hope you sleep with a little less anguish in your heart tonight. Curl up as small and as long as you need,but always know that you’re here with me. I can’t make the sun shine brighter or the thunder rustle softer,but your hand I’ll hold tight and we’ll survive it together. So [...]