A Lullaby's Prayer

Rest well, goodnight;I hope you sleep with a little less anguish in your heart tonight. Curl up as small and as long as you need,but always know that you’re here with me. I can’t make the sun shine brighter or the thunder rustle softer,but your hand I’ll hold tight and we’ll survive it together. So [...]

The Inconspicuous Path

I shouldn't have ignored all the signs that were being pointed out to me while I was treading a path or driving on a road that led to nowhere. Junctions where I could've taken a left instead of a right, signs that said to stop instead of slowing down. But no matter the signs, I've [...]

If My Days Were People.

Mondays would be Beatrice. A 35-year-old teacher-turned-struggling poet working for her local newsroom. She would probably be a redhead living in Seattle, Washington. She hopes her current job would be a shift from the day-to-day obligation of having to deal with beings she referred to as ‘delinquents’. She lives alone (or maybe with her Mom), with [...]

Someone You Can’t Have.

What's it like to love someone you can't have? Love is complicated. Often we get told how somehow, feelings are enough for two people to be together, how love transcends everything etc. Are they? Is love really purely enough? Reality check. As much as I would like to believe so, unfortunately it isn't. Sadly the world [...]