A Lullaby’s Prayer

Rest well, goodnight;
I hope you sleep with a little less anguish in your heart tonight.

Curl up as small and as long as you need,
but always know that you’re here with me.

I can’t make the sun shine brighter or the thunder rustle softer,
but your hand I’ll hold tight and we’ll survive it together.

So hush now darling and close your eyes,
think of blue skies, rainbows, and daises just for tonight.

For every streak of tear you shed,
crystallizes into a kaleidoscope of saccharine memories left unsaid.

Your heart, with silk I’ll wrap with care,
I’ll hum your favorite lullaby, followed by this simple prayer:

“Sometimes I feel the world’s gone mad,
desolation, torment, stripped away the glistening sparkle your eyes once had.
I plead to any divine power out there,
to pardon your cycle of this hellish nightmare.
I pray that they can keep you safe,
from the menacing peril, your demons create.”

So let yourself coil around these tranquil musings of a world I’ve made,
where still waters and wispy winds pervade.

For here I know you’ll be guarded
from woeful introspections that leave you contorted.

This dwelling I’ve conjured was for you and me,
a sanctuary where our chains are finally free.

“You’re too precious for this world,” I’ve told you many times,
so don’t worry about anything else and just stay in mine.

[This work is also published on Medium]

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