The Eagle that Never Came Back

There was once a snail.

Small, slow and unimportant.

The only thing she depended on was her shell.

For it was her only home,

her only refuge.

She had a dream, to see the world from up above.

She knew it was almost impossible.

A snail, to see the world from up above.

Fat hope.

She one day caught a glimpse of an eagle from within the branches of an oak tree,

There he was, standing tall and majestic.

His chest up high, he arched his back and spread his wings.

Off he flew to where the world leads him.

The snail watched from a distance,

She longed to have what he had.

To do what he could.

She longed,

she hoped.

Over the weeks, the eagle would stop by the oak tree for a rest.

The snail never left the oak tree,

for she knew he would come.

One day, the snail mustered every ounce of courage to approach the eagle.

“It must be nice to see the world from your eyes,”

“It is, magnificent.”

Initially hesitant, the snail could no longer contain what she had to say.

“I wish I could be like you too, to see the world…from up above.”

The eagle shot her a confused look.

He flexed his back and spread his wings,

gently, he picked up the snail with his claws.

And he took off.

There she was, up above.

Once so small and vulnerable,

She was up above.

Held within the gentle, but secure grip of his claws.

She saw the world.

She lived her dream,

Through the wings of an eagle.

For days the eagle would take the snail to see the world.

She would wait at the oak tree everyday,

Waiting to hear the sound of flapping wings

Everyday, he would come,

everyday she got to see the world.

Until one day, the snail waited.

Until the sky turned a gradient of orange and yellow.

Until the sky was blanketed in nothing but a luminous crescent accompanied with freckles of shimmery diamonds.

He never came.

For days she waited at the same miserable spot,

she was confused,

was she deaf or did she no longer hear the flapping of wings.

The eagle never came back.

She was left there, back to how she was before.

She never knew when she would see him again.

When she could see the world through him again.

The eagle was never to be seen again.

Have we ever experienced that feeling? For such a person to come into your life, someone who gave you so much to remember, is it really possible to forget? When you saw your dreams through his or her eyes? And when he or she leaves, you’re just sat down there thinking, “why?”

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