My Little Kitchen Misadventure

I think I kind of know why I got sick today..(this may or may not sound really stupid but here’s how it went)

So I woke up on a Saturday morning feeling a little ambitious, (partly cause I’ve watched an episode of Master Chef S4 the night before) and I wanted to make caramel. I whipped out my mother’s prized glass pan and maybe half a cup of regular off-the-counter sugar. I didn’t know what was on my head that day because I decided to add in rock sugar too. Feeling all professional and stuff, I placed both the regular sugar and rock sugar into the glass pan and put it on high heat. NO ADDED WATER OR LIQUID WHATSOEVER. I left it there to boil. I went to do my own stuff, feeling pretty much all confident that I was gonna have some nice caramel for the morning. (Don’t even ask me why I craved for caramel in the morning)

Suddenly, I could smell this awful burning odour that was wafting around the kitchen. I rushed to the stove and all I could see was BLACK-LOOKING-TAR (that was disgustingly flowing off the pan and onto the stove). Dammit, the sugar was all burnt. Being the Gordon Ramsay I was, I ran the whole pan under cold, tap water….making it 10x harder to scrape off the remains. I panicked, (and may or may not have typed on google “How to remove burnt sugar from pan”. I did as the website said) and boiled it with vinegar for a good 10mins. And man, have you ever inhaled boiled vaporised vinegar?!?! It was awful I swear, maybe it was because of the huge amount of vinegar I inhaled that kinda screwed my whole internal system hahaha.

I was feeling really frantic and desperate to remove those burnt sugar remains on the glass pan before my mom came home so….I used my Dad’s screwdriver to scrape off the remains…I wouldn’t say I got rid of it a 100% but I guess 75% is a good number eh? So I ‘cleaned’ it and hid it far far away, deep deep down in the kitchen cabinet where no one will ever notice..Until now I’m praying fervently each day that my Mom doesn’t learn of its non-existence.

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